It’s probably hard to believe that your little boy has finally become a teenager. Their bedrooms need to evolve with them as they grow. After all, your son’s room isn’t reflective of the baby stage anymore. You’ve made updates to their room from baby to toddler, from toddler to school ager, and from school-ager to tween.

And, just like that, your “tween” became a “teen.” So, it’s time to update things yet again. If you are in need of teen boy room ideas, read on to gain some awesome tips and tricks for creating the perfect bedroom space for your growing young man.

  1. Go Industrial

Your young man will love having a modern, grown up, and industrialized bedroom theme. Creating this kind of room is pretty easy. It’s all about shopping for accessories that have some key elements in common-piping, nail head embellishments, and metal facades.

One item that can instantly transform your son’s room is piped shelving. It’s masculine, decorative, and functional. Your son can place one near their bed, in lieu of a nightstand and it can house all of their necessary items; like their cell phone, a small bedside lamp, and even an old-fashioned alarm clock.

Another item that will complement an industrial theme is a metal mirror. Mirrors make any space appear larger, they will be used multiple times each day, and they can update a room without a lot of effort.

Your son will also love a new accent lamp to set on their desk or dresser. Keep within theme, by selecting an industrial themed light that boasts an exposed light bulb.

You can also add some art pieces that reflect an industrialized theme as well. Shop around and pick up prints that boast images of workshops or warehouses or antiquated industrial diagrams.

Industrial themes are not only trendy, but they have a classic yet modern appeal to them. So, when your teenager heads off to college, a total room remodel won’t be necessary, as it will make a great design for a guest room as well.

  1. Sophisticated Gentleman

Since your son is becoming a man, help him get a taste of the finer things. When bright colors, stuffed animals, characters, and quilts used to cut it; your child will yearn for more of the grown-up, finer things in their room.

Consider adding elements of leather (whether it’s the real deal or a faux). A Moroccan inspired ottoman can spruce up any space and allow them to ‘kick their heels up’ in style while watching TV, reading, or playing video games.

You can also add a small couch or reading chair if you have enough space! Again, stick with a nailhead design and opt for something that is not just sleek and stylish, but comfortable as well; so they’ll be more likely to curl up in it!

Also consider updating your teenager boy’s bed. Since they are growing and getting bigger, a larger bed will keep them comfortable and update their room. You can opt for a queen-sized bed at this point, and choose a grown-up headboard that complements your modern sophisticated gentleman theme.

Finally, the right bedding can totally transform a tween’s room to an official teen’s room. Keep coloring neutral and opt for a down cover to keep them warm and comfortable. This will complement all seasons and will allow your son to update his furnishings and wall color as he likes.

When you opt to implement a sophisticated gentleman theme, your teen’s room can be left as is when they go off to college and return home since the design will be timeless, sleek, and age appropriate.

  1. Sports Themed Décor

If your teen is a sports fanatic, why not create an updated space to reflect this. Some awesome items can include sports paintings, accessories, and colors (for their favorite teams).

Teens love inspirational quotes-especially if they can relate to them. So, if your son is a lover of sports, spruce up their room by adding some framed sports quotes.

You may also want to add some baseball holders to serve a purpose and to be decorative on top of their dressers or nightstands.

Sports themed area rugs also dress up hardwood floors and complement a sports-inspired theme.

  1. The Great Outdoors Ideas

Your teen may be more into the outdoor scene, rather than anything sports related or modern. If this is the case, you can be very creative with how you update their room.

Start with wallpaper. There are many rustic styles that are easy to apply and that don’t necessarily require wallpaper glue. You can choose to create an accent wall behind their bed, or go all in and wallpaper the entire room with an outdoorsy-print or pattern.

Wall decals are also great for an instant, easy update and they aren’t as time-consuming to put up as wallpaper is. If you’re sticking to a nature theme, there are tons of styles to choose from.

In addition to wall decals, consider choosing a rustic bedframe. Your teenager will probably love having more space, so why not splurge for a King-sized bed? A rustic platform frame becomes the focal point of the room and is easy to decorate around.

Some other cool ways to update your teenage boy’s bedroom with an outdoorsy theme is to add faux deer heads on the wall. They help any room look modern and cool without hanging up the real thing.

Flannel is a wonderful choice that also complements this theme. Hang flannel printed curtains, or opt for flannel patterned sheets.

Finally, natural-looking jute rugs really add texture and interest to a wooden floor or carpet in an outdoors inspired room.

  1. Get Personal

A very popular and simple theme for a teen boy’s room is a monogram theme. You can use decals, get their name or monogram embroidered on bedding and pillowcases, or even utilize framed art to personalize their special space.

If you’re extremely handy, you can stencil a very large monogram in the middle of their hardwood floor.

  1. Furniture Freshen-Up

Not in the market for a total room reface? Maybe all you need to do is buy some new furniture pieces to update storage or give the room a quick refresh for your teen.

Consider purchasing a new desk to help create a study space for them. This will allow for plenty of space to place a computer, school binders, pictures, trophies, and other personal trinkets.

A whole new bedroom set may also be in order to give the room a fresh look, but to also gift your teen with larger, more age appropriate furniture. Choose something that has ample storage and is adult sized in regard to height and width.

  1. Get Organized

Your teen son will start to have special organizational needs that go beyond having a dresser or desk. Why not get creative and involve organization and storage into your design scheme?

You could purchase a pegboard to use as a hat organizer that can get hung prominently on your son’s wall, or tucked away and hung on the inside of his closet door.

Floating wall shelves make awesome additions to any teenager’s room because they are versatile, stylish, yet functional. They are sold in a wide array of colors, finishes, sizes, and fits (some are even designed to be hung in a corner, totally maximizing every nook and cranny in a room).

And, while they are much too old now to have a night light in their room (oh, the horror!), you can install under bed lighting to help them get around their room at night. These special lights are usually sold in a set of two and are motion activated, so they stay off when your son stays put, and come on when they sense him getting out of bed, on either side.

  1. Consider Company

Your son is at the age where sleepovers with friends happen frequently, so while redecorating his room, why not consider picking up some items that are designed to accommodate friends? What teen boy wouldn’t love a trundle bed? There’s plenty of space for your teen to sleep and ample space for their friend to “crash” as well.

Your teen son will also love a snack station (as will you!) when entertaining friends. Consider setting up a little area that boasts a mini fridge or also a storage station where he can keep some chips and other treats while gaming with friends or watching TV.

You can also purchase some additional seating options for your teen’s bedroom when friends are over. Bean bag chairs are an oldie but a goodie, as are rocking and reclining gaming seats.

Also, you may consider updating your teen’s room with some electronic devices since they are getting older and also more responsible. Consider a smart TV or even a surround sound speaker system.

It’s also never a bad idea to keep some sleeping bags on hand, or an inflatable air mattress in his closet for last minute sleepovers if you don’t go the trundle bed route.

Things to Keep in Mind

While you’re going to be the one buying the items, it’s still smart to allow your teenage son to have some say when it comes to the makeover of his room. Why? It will feel much more like his own space (and less like his mom’s).

Here are a few tips and tricks to getting your son involved in the design process.

  • Take him shopping
    This may feel like pulling teeth at first, but before you know it, he’ll go out and about with you without a struggle because the shopping will be all about him!
  • Check out Pinterest
    If he’s not familiar with this form of social media, set him up with an account. He can pin items that interest him, styles and designs that reflect his personality, and check out organizational items that will make your life easier when out shopping.
  • Make a color scheme board

Your son will have a better understanding of decorating when he has a visual, color scheme board in front of him. The board will tie all colors, prints, and patterns together and will help create a mood or vibe that is cohesive with his accessories.

Decorating No-No’s

There are a few guidelines you may want to abide by when setting your teenage son up with a new room. When it comes to redecorating, don’t:

  • Reuse mattresses

Mattresses are an investment. They not only help your child get a good night’s sleep, but they support proper posture and growth. It may put a dent in your budget to buy a new one, but it’s well worth it. Plus, you know you’re getting something brand new and you don’t have to worry about where a used mattress has been.

  • Skimp on furniture
    When possible, pick up a furniture set that is number one, already assembled. And, number two; is made of solid wood. Faux wood doesn’t stand up to the test of time and is also difficult to put together. You can have lots of luck looking for a sturdy, solid bedroom set at antique stores and also flea markets (just be sure to buy a new mattress!)
  • Go too bright
    Your teenager will be heading off to college before you know it and you probably don’t want neon walls left behind when and if you change your son’s room into a guest room. When possible, stay neutral toned so you can make the room over to complement pretty much any kind of bedding and decorative style.

There are so many teen boy ideas when it comes to redecorating for that special guy in your life. Consider a theme or simply give your son’s room a refresh by updating a piece of furniture or two, or with a fresh coat of paint and some new bedding. They’ll love the look of their new room and you’ll love it too!

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