If you could see my son’s room, you would know very quickly what his daddy does for a living. He is a news helicopter pilot in a major city. We have all types of toy helicopters that he loves to play with that he has gotten over the years. He has also received quite a few from family and friends because of his daddy’s career. We often joke that he has his own fleet of helicopters.

As he gets older, I know that this love of helicopters is only going to grow. It is so fun to see children use their imaginations with fun toys like remote control helicopters. He pretends that he is a rescue helicopter coming to save the day or he pretends that he is reporting the traffic like his daddy. Even though my husband flies real ones, he also enjoys interacting with our son with his toy helicopters. They fly them around the house and even outside.

Looking for a Remote Control Helicopter For Your Kid?

It can be challenging to find the right fit for your child with so many options to choose from. You want to keep safety in mind when selecting a toy that is remote-controlled.

Safety is especially important as the toy is going to be in motion (flying) and it could hit something of value or someone. Keep in mind that an adult should always supervise a child when flying a toy helicopter.

Here I have highlighted a few remote-controlled helicopters for different ages. Each one is unique and highly reviewed by parents and kids alike. Whether you are selecting one for your child or as a gift for another child, you should be able to find something that will work well from our list.

Don’t forget that remote-controlled helicopters are a great option for both boys and girls, and parents alike!

For Older Kids 14+

Eachine Mini RC Helicopter H101 with Gyro

If you have a preteen who would enjoy a remote-controlled helicopter, this just may be the perfect one! The manufacturer suggests that this toy is for children twelve years old and older. The 3.5 Channel Technology maneuvers it in all directions including side-to-side and also allows it to fully hover which, in my opinion, is the main fun of a helicopter. Thanks to this technology, it is an extremely stable helicopter on the market when compared to other compact options.

Your preteen will enjoy flying this unit as it provides unmatched stability and control to the player. It is one of the best choices for your beginner. There are three selectable radio channels to connect to the helicopter and flyers only need to push one button to complete the entire matching process. For example, when the red and green lights on the controller shine, you need to select one radio channel under A, B or C. After the flashing light has stopped, the matching process is complete.

After a radio channel match is completed, this helicopter is completely ready to fly. The player simply uses the joysticks to make the helicopter take flight.

A beginner will appreciate the trimming function as it can be used to adjust or revise the flight. When this flying unit turns left or right during flight, you can move the trimmer up or down which fine tunes it until the problem is resolved. This design feature makes it much easier to control while in flight.

If you ever have any challenges or questions when flying an RC HELICOPTER in the beginning, the manufacturer takes pride in their dedicated customer service that is offered with your purchase. They can coach you along to find a solution to your flying challenge, whether it is a question about features, maintenance, or needed repairs.

The Eachine remote-controlled helicopter is very reasonably priced and is similar in price to several choices on our list.

TOZO Q4040 Drone RC Quadcopter

If your teenager is interested in drones, this may be a great beginner remote control quadcopter with super simple control. He or she may prefer this version of a remote-controlled helicopter simply because of the style and design being much more like a drone.

The simple controls certainly do not limit the excitement as it can do 360-degree flips and rolls with special effects. It can flip in 4 different ways including right, left, forward, and backward. Once your teen gets the hang of flying, they will have so much fun as they perform for both mom and dad and show off their amazing flying skills.

The range is around thirty to forty-five meters. The flight time runs about eight to ten minutes and the charging time requires around sixty minutes.

It is equipped with Headless Security Mode so that when your eyes can no longer sense the orientation of the drone, the Mode will help you control the quadcopter more easily which will prevent you from losing direction.

It also features a 6-axis Gyro flight control systems. It is small with a portable design which provides a safer user experience for your teen compared to some larger quadcopters or drones.

This unit offers a continuous roll for perfect action and surprising performance for mom and dad. There are powerful air pressure and an altitude-hold function. It is equipped with a six-axis gyro control system that will provide stable flight and ensure easy operation by your child.

With your purchase, you will receive one aircraft, four pairs of propellers, one USB charger, one 3.7V 380mAh Li-Polymer, one screwdriver, one remote controller, and one English instruction manual.

The Tozo Quadcopter is priced around the same as the Eachine version of the remote-controlled helicopter described above.

For Younger Kids 6+

SUPOW Electric RTF Remote Control RC Helicopter

When you purchase the Supow helicopter, it comes with one remote control, one charger, one battery, four fans, two spare fans, one screwdriver, and one instruction manual. Both kids and adults like this one! It is lightweight but also durable.

The high wing trainer makes for a stable flight with eight directions including forward, backward, right and left rotation, fly right, left sideward, and up or down. This remote-controlled chopper offers great anti-interference ability, fast reaction speed, and low power consumption. It is recommended for children eight years old and older.

The SUPOW is priced slightly higher than some of our other selections but it is very reasonably priced for what you are getting with your purchase.

Green Grass Remote Control Kids Helicopter

If your younger child is interested in flying a remote-controlled helicopter, this is a great option as it is suited for a child six-years-old and older with the assistance of an adult. It is made with quality materials that are not easily broken and it can fly up, down, left, right, forward, backward, and can even hover. It can fly for approximately fifteen minutes when it is fully charged. A full charge will likely require around an hour.

This toy measures 34 x 6 x 14 centimeters. With your purchase, you will receive one remote control helicopter, one controller, one USB charging cable, and one instruction manual. This unit also has a lithium-polymer 180mah battery and an integral transmitter/charger that is supplied with LED indicator and auto shut off. You will need to purchase six AA batteries for the controller to work. Keep in mind that this unit connects to the remote-controlled helicopter by Bluetooth technology.

This toy helicopter is very reasonably priced and is on par with the Eachine version of the remote-controlled helicopter mentioned above.

AUKWING SYMA S39 Mini RC Helicopter 

This is another great option for younger children seven years old and older with adult assistance. The controls allow you to fly up and down, turn left or right, and go forwards and backward. The charging time is approximately ninety minutes which will provide around six minutes of uninterrupted flying time. You can fly up to one hundred meters in that time.

This toy is designed with an extremely strong power configuration for durability. To protect you and the toy, the system will automatically turn off if the fan is blocked while flying to protect the motor.

If you have more than one child who would like to fly at the same time, go ahead and buy several of these as this version allows the use of multiple remote-controlled helicopters! It is designed so that the signals will not be disturbed or interrupted.

With your purchase, you will receive one remote-controlled helicopter, one remote control, one USB charger, one screwdriver, one spoiler, and one instruction manual.

This toy is reasonably priced around the same price as the Green Grass remote-controlled helicopter.

VATOS RC Indoor Remote Control Helicopter

The best thing about a toy remote-controlled helicopter is the ability to hover. This unit can be flown up and down, left or right, forwards and backward. It can also hover in the air due to the built-in Gyro that helps stabilize the helicopter’s heading. This unit is recommended for twelve-year-old children and older, with adult assistance.

It is easy to pair the helicopter to the multi-channel transmitter allowing for more than one helicopter to be flown at one time. It is an added unique bonus that you can charge this helicopter from the remote control or via the included USB charging cable.

Keep in mind that this helicopter is meant for indoor flying only. It does come with some replacement blades and is made of an engineered polypropylene frame with a durable case. A beginner will appreciate that there is an auto stability system.

You can rest easy with the reliable after-sale service and the thirty-day guarantee on all Vatos RC products for exchanges or full refunds.

Included in your purchase, your child will receive one Vatos remote control mini helicopter, one transmitter, one USB charging cable, two replacement blades, one tail propeller, one instruction manual, and one screwdriver.

This toy helicopter is the least expensive on our list.

Drones Vs Helicopters for Kids

In the last few years, drones have become ever so popular for adults to use. They are used for recreation, work, and even for racing. Not only that but drones have changed entire industries. They are used these days to film movies, weddings, commercials, real estate, and cities. Children are paying attention to these grown-up toys and their interests are peeked when they see adults having fun with an adult version of a remote-controlled helicopter.

However, drones can be challenging even for the most talented pilot and they can take a long time to learn to control properly. Their features can also be quite complicated. They are not suited for children.

But, if your child is interested in flying toys, choosing a toy helicopter could open him or her to an exciting world for their imaginations to soar.

Do keep in mind the safety requirements of each suggested remote-controlled helicopter. Be sure to read the instruction manual and convey safety rules to your child before they attempt to take flight. Never leave your dear ones alone operating one of these or any remote-controlled helicopter. Some of these flying toys will take a bit of time to get over the learning curve. Also, note whether the remote control helicopter that you choose is meant to be flown inside or outside. This can make a huge difference to safety.

But be assured. With practice, they will be able to do it and such a unique gift may be different from anything that they have received in the past. Encourage your child to have a blast as they take flight with their first toy remote-controlled helicopter.

You never know. Maybe they will become the next drone filmmaker.

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