When it comes to parenting little ones, sleep is a big deal not only the children but also for the parents.  Sleep challenges are not limited to when your child is an infant but can affect them at every stage including the toddler years.

Your little one can struggle to settle down, to fall asleep, and to stay asleep for the night. It is normal for your toddler to wake up in the night and not be able to go back to sleep without your help and attention.

Tantrums at bedtime can also occur during these young years when your toddler is battling separation anxiety or fear of the dark. There is no one solution for all sleep challenges with our children but creating bedtime routines can be extremely helpful to building healthy sleep habits for your toddlers. 

There are many different things you can incorporate into a bedtime routine.  You can include things like bath time play, reading, soft music, and a sweet prayer that give your little one the cues that it is time to slow down from a busy day of play and learning and to prepare for sleep.  Bedtime can be something that your toddler anticipates as he or she grows to enjoy parts of the bedtime routine.

I would suggest including a night time toy in the bedtime routine for your toddler. A sweet stuffed animal, a night light toy, a music toy, or a special blanket can make a huge difference for a young child as they learn to self-soothe, feel secure, and fall asleep.

My little one fell in love with his Winner the Pooh Bear at around nine months old and several years later, he still sleeps with him each and every night. It is as though the two of them have built their very own bedtime routine when my son starts to feel sleepy. My son will grab his very well loved (worn out!) Pooh Bear and they will rub noses, sing, and laugh as my son starts to grow tired.

It is so cute to watch his sweet connection with his little-stuffed friend who is his favorite night time toy. His Pooh Bear has helped him learn to self-soothe and be comforted when he feels afraid to be away from me or in the dark in his bedroom.

Different nighttime fears are very common and often part of childhood development. It is so hard to see our toddlers struggle at any time of the day and bedtime can be particularly stressful for families.

Specialists say that it is important to help your child gain self-confidence and overcome separation anxiety as well as being afraid of the dark. Night time toys for toddlers can be part of this solution during this part of childhood development.

Making an effort for quality sleep is helpful for everyone in the family and it can also help make for much more pleasant mornings when everyone is better rested.

Whether you are looking for a night time toy for your toddler as a gift or you are looking for something to help bedtime go more smoothly, our list of toys for sleepy time will give you many ideas to help your family get through bedtime with more ease.

Our list of nighttime toys for toddlers includes options that offer soothing glows as night lights, plush stuffed animals to cuddle, and unique toys that build imagination and creativity as your little one drifts off to dreamland.

Top Nighttime Toys for Toddlers

Skip Hop Moonlight-and-Melodies Projection Night Time Soother

This is the perfect huggable night light. It glows softly and will certainly soothe your infant or toddler at bedtime.  This bedtime toy is not only a night light but it also projects a nightscape of moons and stars onto the wall or ceiling.

The soothing light transitions through a cycle of three relaxing colors. The gentle melodies will lull your toddler to sleep. The four included songs are Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Rock-a-bye Baby, Fur Elise, and Brahms’ Lullaby.

It is battery-operated and has an auto-off timer that will turn off automatically after twenty minutes giving your young one time to drift off to peaceful sleep. It measures 15l x 14w x 20h in inches. Keep in mind that infants should only use this bedtime toy outside of the bed for their safety.

STARSHINE WATCHDOGS Talking Stuffed Animal

This comforting plush sleep toy comes with a remote-control night light that helps your toddler overcome a fear of the dark. It is a “watchdog” that allows your child to remotely illuminate the night lights from the comfort of their bed with the two included remote-control star lights that work as far as thirty feet away. Your little one can simply press the Watchdog’s paw and remotely illuminate the Star Lights.

If your toddler ever feels alone, he can rely on his loyal Watchdog. This soft bedtime toy even talks with reassuring phrases that are specifically created to comfort little ones.  He can say four comforting phrases including,

“Don’t worry, I’m here.”

“I’ll keep watch while you dream.”

“It’s okay to rest your head, a Watchdog is by your bed.”

“All secure. Sleep tight.”

The goal of this bedtime toy is to lower any anxiety that your toddler may feel at night and help your little one self-soothe and go back to sleep.  This sweet toy should also help reduce resistance to bedtime as their confidence builds and he enjoys the “Star Light Bedtime Routine” with Star Lights around the room and the soothing music.

You will also receive a Starshine color Storybook and poem to read each night that will reinforce bedtime courage. Child Specialists, children’s hospitals, military families, police and firefighters enjoy using the Watchdog nighttime toy for their toddlers and young children.

For your convenience, all required batteries are included.  There is also a 60 day, 100% warranty with your purchase. Your toddler will certainly love this little guy and feel secure and safe at bedtime.

Skip Hop Moonlight & Melodies Nightlight Soother-Owl

This precious and stylish feathered friend fits in naturally with your personal nursery décor. A warm glow provides a dimmable nightlight in the belly of this little owl that will soothe your toddler.

Additionally, there are eight different calming nature sounds and gentle melodies. You can plug-in this toy for power to soothe your little one with light, music, and projection. You can conveniently adjust the lens as it projects a skylike nightscape onto the walls or ceiling so your toddler can enjoy the incandescent sky from any sleeping position.

This special little owl features serene moon and stars projection and a glowing nightlight belly with a dimmer control.  It also plays up to four melodies including Rock-a-bye Baby, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and Brahms’ Lullaby plus, 4 nature sounds including jungle crickets, rainforest, waves, white noise with a heartbeat. You can choose the light and sound combination that best soothes your child.

It is so helpful that this bedtime nightlight comes with an auto-off timer that can be set for fifteen, thirty, or sixty minutes. You can choose continuous play if desired.

C.R. Gibson Bedtime Little Book and Stuffed Teddy Bear Gift Set

This is a wonderful option for a night time toy for toddlers! You not only receive a precious, soft and plush little bear but also a sturdy board storybook as well. This set makes a great keepsake gift. It is already boxed as a gift with a lovely grosgrain ribbon handle. Both mom, dad, and child will enjoy this sweet book night after night.  The book measures 5.5″ W x 6″ H.

The author, C.R. Gibson offers baby and toddler gifts for all the phases of your little one’s young life as they meet each milestone and celebrate cherished moments.

Your toddler surely will fall in love with and cuddle the soft, adorable little bear as you read this sweet storybook.

Pueri Projector Flashlight Animal Slide Show Toy for Toddler

If I were a toddler or a young child, I would absolutely love this fun nighttime toy. Your older toddler will certainly use his or her imagination with this exciting and educational toy. This story flashlight projects onto the bedroom ceilings or walls in the dark and will allow for much bedtime creativity with these classic stories including The Cat and Fox, Little Red Riding Hood, The Ugly Duckling, and Three Little Girls. Your creative toddler or young child can create and project up to thirty-two combinations of scenes for bedtime stories. The required battery is included with your purchase. This could be a fun nighttime activity for siblings to enjoy together as well.

Toddler Night Light Soft Silicone Squeeze Toy with Touch Sensor

This precious bunny is a squeezable night time toy that your toddler is going to love. It is so cute and your little one can tap, squeeze, or pinch the soft bunny face to turn on the soft glow. This durable night light is rechargeable and offers six different colors. This little bunny can be a portable buddy that can help dispel the fear of the dark while creating a comfortable sleep environment. It is also very reasonably priced. With just a little pat on the rabbit, your little one will see different colors as they drift off to sleep.

LeapFrog Scout’s Goodnight Flashlight

If you are looking for something to help your little one fall asleep more easily, this little rocket flashlight just might be what your toddler needs. This space-pup flashlight offers different modes with glowing stars and ten to twenty minutes of bedtime sounds or music. It requires three AA batteries.

The flashlight can project images of the different planets or act as a soothing nightlight. Your toddler can see the solar system, learn the eight planets, and count stars with Astro-pups Scout and Violet. Scout will even count the planets, say their names, and say the colors. This fun, interactive night time toy is educational and great to help your little one settle in for bedtime.

There is a volume control and a timer so that you can create the perfect bedtime toy for your little one.  Nightlight mode offers glowing numbers and stars in different colors including red, blue, and green as the timer counts down.  Your toddler will enjoy a quiet imaginative play, the twinkling stars, and soft lullaby sounds. You can completely mute the sound or choose low or high volume.

Final Thought

In addition to a night time toy, you can do a few activities to help your baby or toddler prepare for bed. When my son was learning to walk, I would take a short stroll around the house holding his little fingers to help tire him out a bit so that when I placed him in his bed, his little body would be ready to take a break. He would be just tired enough to want to slow down and rest which gave him time to drift off to sleep.

We also would do bath time play just before bed as a way to let him get some of his last bit of energy out before the time for sleeping. You could also consider a gentle, soothing massage with lavender lotion. Singing, reading, and rocking are also great ways to settle in for nighttime with your toddler.

As our son has gotten older, glowing night time toys have been great fun for him in his toddler years. He enjoys a few quiet moments before going to bed as he looks at the stars and moons glowing across the ceiling. We will hear him singing to his Pooh Bear and telling stories to his other baby stuffed animals. It is his way of tiring himself out before going to sleep.

Night time toys have certainly helped him in getting and staying asleep for the whole night. Hopefully, you have been able to find the right fit for your toddler.

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