Reading the Playful Parenting book by Lawrence J. Cohen truly widened and gave another dimension to the way I was looking at parenting.

Truth be told, the best way of resonating with someone, no matter if we are talking about a child in its infant stage or an adult, is to get on the same mental and intellectual level. And while it is impossible to ask from someone to get on the same level of intellect with a 4-year old child, we should give our best to find common ground with them.

Mutual Benefits

Being a playful parent is much more than digging holes in the dirt or drawing crayon lines all over your perfectly painted wall along with our child. It also implies adjusting your attitude towards your child.

We all know how to go shopping for kids’ toys and what to do to keep them entertained, but getting on the same terms and creating a special emotional bond with our child is something that we should all ultimately aim to do really.

How playful parenting and being a positive parent can benefit us and the child at the same time?

Playing with your children may prove to be a great stress relief to an adult. Laying down in the mud pool and making castles made out of mud and sand is definitely not something we planned doing in our 30s or 40s. However, this play session will foster a much deeper relationship with our child and will help build a great amount of respect that child feels towards his parent.

If our child looks at us as a companion or partner in crime, or as someone it can always rely on, and not someone who always set don’t do this and don’t do that boundaries looking from a safe distance – we are much more likely to influence children’s upbringing and the way they should react in certain situations.

If we play our cards smart enough, we should be able to teach them many important things, such as the importance of playing as a team and being a good and honest team member or even how to manage their money. And we all know how important it is to teach your kids how to spend money.

How It Reflects on Our Children?

The most important part of adopting an attitude of playfulness during parenting is the influence it has on our little ones. I couldn’t find better words to say how important it is that those that were highlighted in this article published in Psychology Today’s site.

Referring to the article: “In an ultimate sense, play has helped make us who we are, as adults; and in a proximate sense, it has made being an adult much more fun than it might have been otherwise.”

With that being said, by becoming pals with our children from their early age, we truly give them a fair amount of confidence that will ultimately become their trademark throughout life and that will positively affect child-parent relationship for the years to come.

When we get old and they become adults, our lives usually go separate ways. That’s just how life is. But even then, the bond will stay strong enough for both of us to stay on that same level of playfulness and open-mindedness we nurtured from the very start.

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