The Best Baby Carrier: What You Need to Know

Okay, so I have a legitimate question for everyone reading this article: Is there anything better than baby snuggles? The simple act of a baby sleeping soundly on your chest is, I’m convinced, the answer to world peace. The world would be a much better place if everyone could just walk around with a sweet, sleeping, babe attached to the front of their bodies. I’m sure of it. That’s why I’m such a big advocate of baby wearing. I’m obsessed with it.

The benefits for everyone involved (which I’ll get into later on) are innumerable and, when you find the best baby carrier for your situation and body, it’s truly the most practical thing you can do with a newborn. Continue reading

Guest Post: Why Is Playful Parenting Important For You and Your Children?

Reading the Playful Parenting book by Lawrence J. Cohen truly widened and gave another dimension to the way I was looking at parenting.

Truth be told, the best way of resonating with someone, no matter if we are talking about a child in its infant stage or an adult, is to get on the same mental and intellectual level. And while it is impossible to ask from someone to get on the same level of intellect with a 4-year old child, we should give our best to find common ground with them. Continue reading