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by Aris

Aileene Koh

I have one child who is the sunshine of my life but who also takes up all my time. My love affair with toys started the minute she entered our lives. I am always trying to find ways to entertain her, teach her and engage her. I was amazed that she would not give a second glance to certain toys (which I thought were pretty cool) and spend all her time on a toy that I thought was boring. That’s when I started learning about child milestones, and how different parts of a child develop as a child grows.

I am also an active member of several mom groups and I learn a lot by observing how other children react to toys and seeing what is popular among moms and ultimately, what works. There are some truly well-thought-out, amazing toys around us.

Toys are a great part of being a child but remember, you will build cherished memories when you engage in the play together with your child!

Aris Tchoukoualeu

I am an electrical engineer as well as a loving dad to my one-year-old daughter. When I am not working, playing with 3D printing and CAD software, I spend most of my time figuring out what the best toy to buy for my child will be and working on the technical side of thetoytime.com.

As my daughter continues to grow up, I find our play times much more enjoyable, and thetoytime is a good medium for me to share a father’s perspective of parenthood.

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