10 Best toys for Newborns

When your newborn arrives, you want to give him/her everything that he/she needs to be comfortable, safe and loved. When it comes to finding the best toys for newborns, you will find some to be appropriate, some not and some simply THE BEST.

Best toys for Newborns? Really?

Let’s be honest here. Newborns don’t really need a toy. They can be just as entertained looking at a motionless table leg as looking at a $500 toy with all the latest gadgets. More importantly, their brains develop faster when they are looking at…guess what? Your own face! YOU are probably their biggest toy.

However, this does not mean that you shouldn’t invest in toys. You MUST. Why?

Because these toys will give you a BREAK, buy you some time to have a shower and help you retain some sanity. These toys are more like lifesavers.

So yes, these toys are more for YOU than for your newborn. But a happy mommy is a happy baby. So make sure that you add these to your shopping or baby shower list if you haven’t already! Continue reading